Us for our child- a father & mother’s harmony.

Living in an era, where more than wealth and success, people need more of security, confidence, support and self-esteem, parenting the future generation has become rather difficult than what it was decades back. Parenting now is not confined to problems like children not eating and not going to school, but it has advanced to raise children who are secure, courageous, independent & sincere. Parenting also includes inculcating moral values and ethics.

Parenting decades back was not so modified and specific like it is today. When the need for these values have increased to a no-end level, it has become very necessary for every parent to impart such values and such traits in the child.

Parenting being so crucial and demanding, it always becomes apparent and efficient when both the parents come together to give the best to the child. I always believe that when both the parents take up a single responsibility of raising the best in a child, the job becomes easier and the rewards more pleasing.

The pressure and the struggle become less on a single parent when it’s shared. Plus there is always a source of help and a shoulder to lean on when the days are not as you expected. On days when I am just overloaded with emotions and stress both physical and mental, I always ask the daddy to take charge of my Little Rockstar. This definitely gives me space to deal with myself and come back all in high spirits.

I and the daddy have shared our set of duties and responsibilities. We know our personal duties towards Little Rockstar and we make sure we complete them. For example- daddy teaches sports( because daddy’s a cricket champ) Mumma teaches pre-writing skills. This has made our jobs easier and more rewarding.

Not only this, our family has come together in the strongest possible way. We together are strongest and the best. Because a mother and a father’s harmony is the best source of parenting.

I and daddy took an unsaid oath the day we got to know I’m pregnant and it goes like this ”together we will do all it needs to raise a happy, healthy and an independent child. Together we will battle all the struggles and together we will make a happy family for it’s only us for our child”

What were you and your partners unsaid promises when you became parents? Share them all in the comment box below.

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