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“You are our soul” A mother’s letter to her child.

Do you know what is our greatest blessing?

Do you know what is our greatest pride?

No one else than you.

Do you know what makes us happiest?


When I sit down to write this,

I have a universe full of feelings and emotions,

But no words to describe them.

When I sit down to talk about you to my heart,

I have numerous things to talk of,

But all of them conclude the same thing,

That you’re papa’s and mumma’s soul,

That you’re naughty and moody but you’re loving and kind,

That your heart is so pure,

That you are a honest child,

That you care and worry about us,

That that that that that and it will never end.

Today you’re a small toddler,

We give you everything more than you deserve, more than you desire,

Not because we can but we do it with all our heart,

Not because we should because we want to.

We want to give you everything that we can if that makes you a healthy, happy, honest and an independent person.

We promise you to give you everything we can and everything that you ever ask for. We promise to give you the best of ourselves and the most of ourselves. We promise to put in every possible effort to bring out the best in you at your comfort.

When you’re a young adult and when you’re reading this, we want to convey all the possible love through words because there is no language, no words and nothing at all that can even give you an idea.

But with this, we also want to convey, that all we ask of you, for us, is a promise of always being faithful towards the family, always being an honest, humble & a disciplined person. We want you to become a man of words. We want you to become a whole – hearted person. We want to ask you to always be brave, courageous and a positive person.

We wish & pray the best of everything for you. But always remember “Nothing of value comes without great efforts”. We are always here for you in the form of support & love. But everyone fights their battles alone. So always learn to be very courageous and with no doubts, success will be yours.

We also want you to remember, at every step and every day of your life, that we love you unconditionally.

And that you’re our soul.

A little letter that I’ve penned for my son. It is the best gift a parent can gift their children. Is there anything that you’ve made for the future version of your little bundle of joy? I would love to read them, share in the comment box.

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