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Zest of life.

How would you call a good day, a good day, Until you realise the bad on a bad day? There are days when things are challenging, Then there are days when things are happening. Some days bring joy, And some people love. But on some days, only despair makes its way.

Of all the life that I’ve lived, and from what I’ve learnt, I happen to conclude that ups and downs are the real zest of life. One can never recognise the good until he has seen worse. And anything in regularity and particularity happens to become boring and eventually least interesting.

It is always good to live a life full of enthusiasm, enjoying every moment (good or bad) with all the gratitude. This makes the hard times smoother and good times the best. Today I want to write about how I became a person full of acceptance and gratitude. I want to write about how my husband and I try to inculcate this habit in our Little Rockstar. There are only 2 things that helped a complete introvert, confused and ungrateful person like me to be a confident, happy and full of gratitude mother and a wife.

1. Trust.

Trusting the cycle of the universe and believing that it is always good at the end of bad. And trusting, ensuring yourself that you are strong enough to smile and face the situation. Believing the struggle as a part of life and it soon shall pass helps in relieving the stress of the moment, situation and circumstances. Trusting and ensuring myself multiple times that I shall pass this, keeps me high in spirits throughout that phase. It motivates my inner self to fight and come out stronger & better. And how is a dish without some spice and salt? Boring. So will be life without ups and downs.

2. Gratitude.

Practice finding good in every bad situation, it will help in becoming grateful for all that one has. Gratitude for everything that one is blessed with builds contentment. Gratitude has helped me in ways I can never explain. It has changed me as a person, made me emotional and full of love. It has helped me feel blessed at every moment of life which eventually has increased my strength to fight bad times.

Took this post as the ultimate post of my theme “The struggles of an Indian girl, house-maker and a hands-on mummy”, because I wanted to deliver a message of compassion, truthfulness and a spirit to fight after discussing the struggles.

Ending on a positive note,

Never forget that you deserve the best, and never forget to fight for it.

And that a little up and a little down always adds zing to the life.

Lots and lots of love,



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