April’18 – one productive month. Thank you post.

April every year starts with summers and lazy routine but this year things were different. I took the blogchatter #blogchatterA2Z challenge.

Having started blogging just 2 months back and not even sure if I will be able to do it, I saw the #BlogchatterA2Z challenge and immediately thought of signing up. Obviously a very quick and unprepared decision, but something inside said “Do it”.

Doubting my personal decision at every point, I started the challenge with a hope of completing at least a week, but the community, DM twitter group and the social media inspired me and helped me finish the challenge. The inspiration and the force were so strong that I could write each day without fail and honestly, I had no pre-written material at all. I signed up just a day or two before the challenge started, and in the heat of it all, I took a theme as challenging as “The struggles of an Indian girl, housemaker and a hands-on mommy”.

The theme was really close to my heart but equally sensitive. Being a mommy blogger I wanted to describe it accordingly. Not sure if I could pull off the theme as it should have but I tried and decided to take this theme, not only because I want everyone to understand and apply, but we mothers, who are moulding our future, to know what to impart in order to make India a better place.

Blogchatter helped me in every way it can,

1. Persistence-

The entire community including the participants were highly inspiring, helping and motivating. This kept me writing daily regardless of the time I get with a toddler at home.

2. Inner strength

It found me the courage that I was unaware of. I got to know my inner strength. It brought out the best possible version of me this time. Helped me push my limits and set new standards for myself.

3. A slightly bigger audience

Posting daily, retweets and the participants engagements on my post helped me make new friends and reach a bigger audience. It definitely helped me in making a strong profile for myself.

Thank you blogchatter and all the participants for making my journey through this challenge so worth it.

P.s – if you haven’t read my posts for the entire month of April, please read it.

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