2 Super healthy and yummy baby/toddler food recipes

Food is one of the important points when it comes to child’s immunity & health. So naturally, every mother makes sure to provide all the possible nutrients to the child. While it may sound easy, which obviously is not to feed the child all the nutrients. Children have a lot of fuss when it comes food. So we mothers have to take our creative chef caps on and make them eat the same nutrients with a better and an attractive presentation.

My Little Rockstar was a born fussy for water & food and that continues till date. So I used to make sure I’m making food that’s tasty as well as very nutritious. So today I’m going to share 2 recipes, one that I used to make a lot while he just started solids, and one that he enjoys now as a toddler.

Whole wheat Mix. Veg Samosa.

Ingredients ( Makes 4-5 small samosas)

For dough-

Whole wheat flour – 5 tbsp

Oil – 2 tsp

Salt – as per taste

Carrom seeds (ajwain) – just a pinch.

Water for kneading.

For stuffing-

Boiled potatoes – 1 medium

Boiled & mashed vegetables of your choice ( I used green peas, pigeon peas)

Finely chopped onion – 1 small

Coriander leaves – as per your need.

Salt- as per taste

Roasted cumin powder – as per taste or a pinch.

Oil for frying.



Mix the flour, salt, oil and carrom seeds with fingers properly. Add water and knead to a dough that is not too soft and not too hard. Make a ball, grease with slight oil and let it rest till you make the stuffing.


Mash all the vegetables. Add onion, salt and jeera powder. Mix it and keep it in the fridge to cool until you make the samosa strips.


Roll the dough into a very thin chapati. Take a knife and cut it into long strips. Fold & make a simple triangle pocket, add the stuffing to the pocket and fold the remaining strip as per convenience trying to make the final result look like a triangle. Rub a little water on the end of the strip and fold to finally pack. Freeze the samosas for 10 minutes. Fry them on medium heat continuously pressing them so that the dough till inside gets properly cooked. And dhan-ta-na yummy & healthy samosas are ready.

Spinach, Cluster beans & bottle gourd soup.


Spinach leaves – 4 to 5

Cluster beans – 5 to 6

Bottle gourd – 7-8 cubes

Tomato – 1

Ginger – 1/4th inch

Garlic – 1 piece

Salt to taste

Turmeric powder (Optional) – pinch

Water – 1 cup

Homemade butter while final presentation.


Wash all the vegetables properly. Sterilise the cooker and the utensils to be used. In a cooker add water and all the vegetables, add garlic & ginger, salt & turmeric powder and let them cook till 4-5 whistles. Once cooled, blend it and serve hot with a spoon full of homemade butter on the top.

Both these recipes are and were fondly enjoyed by my super fussy eater so I hope these help you guys with your kids.

This blog post is a part of #Baby/ToddlerFood blog train hosted by Anisha from momzdiary , Danisha from Lovethatyoucanbuy and Deepali from myteenytot.We 40 Mom Bloggers are here with some amazing Baby & Toddler Food Ideas just for you.This is a month-long blog train. Stay tuned for some very healthy and yummy recipes every day. I would like to thank Sobha from ( euphoriamemykid) for inviting me and I would like to invite Papri from ( throughmypinkwindow) who is a, makeup enthusiast, a lipstick addict, a passionate blogger and a lover of all things pretty who blogs at You can find her playing with colors and shades. Follow her blog for makeup tutorials, product reviews and a bit of wellness. I would like Papri to take the train forward.

5 thoughts on “2 Super healthy and yummy baby/toddler food recipes”

  1. So yum for the snack time and I make the bottleguoard soup for my little one too…. it s very important for the little one to make his food interesting and delicious


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